About Inbound Mauritius

Founded in November 2016, Inbound Mauritius started as a blog where Jason Bholanauth shared his experience in digital marketing.

Over the past years, we’ve been able to reach students, beginners, and professionals throughout our different platforms.

Today, Inbound Mauritius stands as a landmark in the local digital marketing landscape thanks to its 3 main drivers which are to Help, Educate and Grow businesses and individuals.

We also started a collective effort through the launch of Digital Marketing Mauritius as a way to encourage individuals willing to join the digital industry and influence decision makers.

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The way we do it: Inbound Mauritius Flywheel

Our flywheel, on contrary to tradition digital marketing funnels, is efficient in storing energy that you spend on different phases of your sales journey.


Your business grows when you successfully convert your customers. If your digital marketing efforts and your team are not aligned, your company loses momentum.


We help you build an integrated digital experience for your customers across different channels. In doing so, we help you build strong relationships.

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We create great content for your company to allow your customers to learn more about you. In doing so, we break the barriers that prevent smooth experiences with your brand.


We create wow moments throughout your sales journey. We believe surprising your customers at every step is crucial to building relationships and closing sales


Help, Educate and Grow

We not only do digital marketing but we also help, educate and grow businesses and individuals through our content and efforts to build a connected community of digital marketers in Mauritius.