Customer Engagement | Best Practices in Mauritius (Free Ebook)

Why of this ebook

Customer Engagement has become essential as more information is shared and consumed over the internet.

The time to make choices is now very short. As such, companies need to be where their customers are and perfectly engage them in a collaborative environment.

What is in the ebook?

This ebook covers various topics namely:

  • What is Customer Engagement
  • Facts about Customer Engagement
  • Customer Engagement Best Practices in Mauritius from companies and organizations of different sectors. (We analyzed MCB, Youth Sceal, Speak Up! and L’Express.)
  • 9 Tools for Effective Customer Engagement.

Where to get it? 
This ebook is completely free. Click on the button to get it.



Jason is a digital marketer specialised in content marketing. He created the Purpose to Marketing model, helping organisations to create outstanding marketing strategies in Mauritius.

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