Where can I learn digital marketing in Mauritius?

If you are looking for the right place to learn digital marketing in Mauritius, we know it can be difficult to find the right one.

In this blog post, we covered the top online marketing courses and places where you can start learning. You will also find the community rating for the top 14 we believe are broad enough to cover all interest.

Comment if you think we missed some institutions

Some prerequisites

Before you start looking for places to learn, it is important that you know what digital marketing is not.

    • It is not as simple as you may think;
    • Salaries are not always high. It depends on different factors;
    • It is not a rush to but rather a strategic area;
    • It is not an easy go to;
    • Digital marketing is not a single field. It is hundreds of others integrated together to create digital experience; and
  • Digital is not static.

To get an overview of the prerequisites, you can read our recent blog post on Things you need to know before learning digital.

Very important: You need to decide which niche you want to learn. You also need to choose whether you want to have specific functional knowledge or become a certified marketer.

To make it easy for you to choose, here are the top 10 niches in Mauritian companies today.

    1. Search marketer
    1. Community manager
    1. Social media specialist
    1. Content marketer
    1. Digital Project Manager
    1. Web Developers
    1. Email marketer
    1. Growth marketer
    1. Digital publishing specialist
  1. Copywriter

Digital Marketing training providers

InstitutionNicheTypeWebsiteVote now
Quantum DigitalAllCorporate[crowdsignal rating=8732800]
FRCIAllIndividual and[crowdsignal rating=8732805]
SandboxSEO, Social Media & Google AdwordsIndividual and[crowdsignal rating=8732806]
DoracreaAllIndividual and[crowdsignal rating=8732807]
Rushmore Business[crowdsignal rating=8732808]
Digital Marketing InstituteAllIndividual -[crowdsignal rating=8732809]
Analysis Institute of ManagementOnline Marketing and Social MediaIndividual and[crowdsignal rating=8732810]
Hubspot AcademyAllIndividual -[crowdsignal rating=8732811]
Google Digital AcademyAllIndividual -[crowdsignal rating=8732812]
Hootsuite AcademySocial MediaIndividual -[crowdsignal rating=8732813]
Semrush AcademySEO, PPC, SEM)Individual -[crowdsignal rating=8732814]
UdemyAllIndividual - Online[crowdsignal rating=8732815]
GetResponseEmail MarketingIndividual - OnlineGetResponse[crowdsignal rating=8732816]
Institute of Direct and Digital MarketingAllIndividual -[crowdsignal rating=8732817]

If you are a current or past student of these institutions or followed some courses with the brands we mentioned, make sure to give your ratings.

But, there’s more to just getting certified. Digital marketing is far from being a static field.

A quick round-up of your starting pack.

Stay up to date

Digital marketing is a field which is in constant evolution as technology and human behaviors are changing. Strategies that worked in 2017 may be obsolete today.

it is important to know the latest developments in the digital marketing field. There are a couple of good ways to find out what’s happening in various digital fields.

At Inbound Mauritius, we cover all the latest strategies and news that directly impact digital marketers in Mauritius. Subscribe to our blog by clicking on the bottom-right widget.

Find your niche

Learning can either be vertical, that is gaining knowledge to climb the hierarchy, or horizontal, whereby you master your niche by gaining maturity in the different approaches and strategies. While both are important for a career growth in digital, it is essential to find your niche.

That sweet spot where you feel comfortable in trying new stuff. It is not about staying in your comfort zone, rather it is focusing on one particular aspect of digital marketing and mastering it.

Be Passionate

We believe that it is passion that drives the most successful professionals.

Set up a blog or a Facebook page and start creating content related to your passion. The more content you published, the better you will rank for your chosen keywords.

One good example is undeniably Peachytales blog. What started as some pictures on Instagram from Anoushka became a real phenomenon in Mauritius with a dedicated blog and ultimately a Facebook Page giving amazingly succulent receipts. It is worth the read. We were amazed!

Visit Peachy Tales Instagram for some hot and spicy pictures

Anoushka’s work even appeared on Air Mauritius blog hence gaining great authority and exposure to an international audience.

As a conclusion

If you decided to enrol in a digital marketing course, you need to be aware that it is far from being easy at times. Let’s be honest, you won’t walk on a red carpet.

Competition is out there and there’s a popular belief that everyone can do digital. But, good digital is from those who are passionate, dedicated and creative.

Jason is a digital marketer specialised in content marketing. He created the Purpose to Marketing model, helping organisations to create outstanding marketing strategies in Mauritius.

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