Marketing as a major? This is what you should know


It is the time for new university students to enrol for their major. This is one of the most important moments in the life of an individual as it will lay the base to a professional journey, or not. Among all these students, there are the Marketing students.

If you are reading this blog post, you might be one of them. So, what do you actually need to know before jumping into the upcoming 3 years of university life, to get your degree? Here are the main points.

1. Marketing is mathematics. If you want to sit at the table, you need to make sure your marketing plan is backed by numbers.

If you don’t like figures, you will have to make some efforts here. Over the years, Marketing has dissociated itself from Sales, yet the close relationship still exists. To be more precise – Good Marketing is Good Sales.

As such, marketing decisions should be backed by substantial facts. You will have to be good in your statistics class.


2. Marketing evolves. By the end of your university life, marketing won’t be the same. So, you need to be up to date with what is happening in the industry.

That’s a fact, the way products are market have changed over the years. A clear example is the fact that companies are now more focused on creating real brand experience with the customer.

As compared to the 80’s where the aim was to gain marginal profit, sometimes neglecting the quality of the product itself.

There are several ways to be up-to-date. Here are some good websites Hubspot, Neil Patel, MarketingProfs, Forrester and of course our lovely little Inbound Mauritius


3. Good marketers know more than marketing.

This is one of the pillars of Inbound Mauritius. We believe that good marketers are those who don’t restrict to marketing only. Rather, they spend time learning various topics which will help in creating better campaigns, for instance.

Nowadays, marketing jobs have evolved to the online or digital world whereby marketing graduates are expected to have some knowledge of IT. (Read about our article Why millennial marketers will be the most successful in Mauritius)

4. Internships are good, but…

Between your assignments and presentations (there will be a lot), you will be exposed to some sort of real situation mimics. Though these are goods, taking on internships would give you an add-on as you will know how to put what you learned into practice. However, most of the students will tend to rush to big companies even if it means paper work or only making phone calls.

This doesn’t give you much experience rather it can be seen as a waste of time by some employers. Instead, try to look for smaller companies where you will be able to experience real life situations and hence hone your professional life better.

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Jason is a digital marketer specialised in content marketing. He created the Purpose to Marketing model, helping organisations to create outstanding marketing strategies in Mauritius.

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