Porlwi by Nature 2017 is coming soon!


Porlwi by Light or should we say Porlwi by Nature is happening. Registrations for participants are already out for this new edition one of the greatest festival in Mauritius. The call to participation is opened to local, regional and international creative artists and talents. 

From the 29th November to 3rd of December Port Louis, capital city of Mauritius, will host the third edition of Porlwi themed nature. The theme will put forward the urban regeneration and cultural connection with the Mauritian land.
Porlwi by Nature will bring together the Mauritian community to reflect how we create the link between our nature and our surroundings. “To raise awareness about the environment; reintegrate green spaces at the heart of our city; to imagine a nourishing, urban agriculture; to honor our rich botanical history and our unique endemic fauna – such are our ideals for a better Port-Louis.”

Here’s a glimpse of last year edition

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgmAgmPrtWw&w=640&h=360]

A Festival over 5 Days

Porlwi by Nature 2017 will last for 5 consecutive days and will bring forward several categories namely:

  1. Street Light
  2. Street Art
  3. Street Music
  4. Open Ideas (which must contain a sustainable dimension)

For this new edition, Porlwi by Nature collective invites all artists from various fields to showcase their creations by signing up for auditions to be part of this unique festival in Mauritius.

What is the next step if you are interested? 

Call for registration is opened for artists from different artistic fields. Head to the Porlwi by Nature 2017 website here.

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