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Done with Thesis – Now what?

Like a real and loyal companion, it was here everyday, every night. Sometimes it came on Weekends and you had no choice than to stay with it till late. This “real” relationship also happened to be passionate and motivated sometimes. But, here it is – it decided to leave but will surely send you a feedback

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Inbound Mauritius - Girl Studying

Exams – How to deal with it?

That’s the period of the year, where you have to juggle between your notes and your sleeping time. You want to put all the chances on your side and have decided to tackle the revision days vehemently. But, how to do this and not freak out? In this article, we are outlining the best approach to prepare

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Instagram's New Look

Instagram has constantly evolved since the past 5 years. From an app to share filtered image, Instagram has become a worldwide phenomenon connecting people through photos and videos. With a daily sharing of more than 80 million photos and videos every day by the global community, it was high time to change the old-school look

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Using your Student Life to Hone your future

Professional success doesn’t happen like magic. It requires efforts and a continuous commitment to nurture the learning and growth while at the same time gain the required skills to your chosen career. But how to do that? We often hear the importance of student life to create our future. Though subjective to one, we are all

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