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Your family will now see your posts on Facebook!

https://clientcdn.pushengage.com/core/2180.js _pe.subscribe(); Facebook recently announced its willingness to go back to the initial values of its News Feed. In fact, the most famous social network published a post in its Newsroom about changes it will implement in News Feed’s ranking algorithm. More of your parents, friends and less of news. What is this all about

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What is: User Generated Content?

According to Digital Insights, more than 20 billion photos have been uploaded on Instagram, 500 million tweets are sent each day and 100 hours of videos are uploaded every minute on YouTube. These is a huge amount of information moving seamlessly onto the internet. So what is User Generated Content (UGC)? David Alan Grier described User-generated

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3 Steps to shift Instagram account on the same phone

Now, this is something we were all waiting for. Enough of login out to login on a different Instagram account or using external applications such as Gramblr to manage a different profile.
The world most famous photo application just announced beginning of this week that you will be able to shift from one account to the another on the same smart phone. We tested it and it is so simple that your grandma could use it.

5 Ways to feel better at work

Let’s be honest, a new year has began and its quite difficult for some of us to go back to the cruising speed of working. While our work is slow, we start to have low motivation – going to the extreme of quiting the job. In this new article of Inbound Mauritius, we are going to

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What Flappy Bird taught me about Leadership

Everyone knows about Flappy Bird. The mobile game developed in 2013 by Nguyễn Hà Đông a Vietnamese game developer. The game was published by .GEAR, a small independent game developer also based in Vietnam. Since it’s launch, Flappy Bird was earning $50 000 a day from advertisement though the game was criticized for its level of

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