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Top 5 big companies original pitch decks

Starting a business, get a dedicated team in place, an amazing product or service and most importantly getting the finance in. If you are familiar with these phases, then this post is definitely for you.

Mauritius can be described as a tiny buzzing island with definitely talented individuals willing and ready to embrace entrepreneurship. In fact, the island provides a proper eco-system with several co-working spaces, supportive schemes and qualified individuals to drive innovative projects.

In the process of launching your startup and getting traction, you’ll need to have a good pitch. A good pitch is a brief presentation which gives an overview of your business and marketing plan. This is a crucial document to get supporters, investors and even customers on your side.

In this blog post, we’ve outlined the Top 5 original pitch decks from top companies. 

Moz (Raised: $18M in 2012)

LinkedIn (Raised: $10M in 2004)

WeWork (Raised: $355M in 2014)

YouTube (Raised: $3.5M in 2005)

mixpanel (Raised: $65M in 2014)

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Jason is a digital marketer specialised in content marketing. He created the Purpose to Marketing model, helping organisations to create outstanding marketing strategies in Mauritius.

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