From Purpose to Marketing – A model to stand out

From Purpose to Marketing is a model created to help organisations to reach out to their audience in the most authentic ways while staying true to the “Why” they exist. If you are looking to go one step ahead of your competitor and be a differentiator, this model will walk you through all the different elements, including branding, customer experience and digital channels.

The underlying elements are Digital, Data and People.

What is Inbound Marketing?

In this deck, Jason shared the foundation of Inbound Marketing and why it remains the best way to attract customers and build strong relationships.

Customer Engagement in Mauritius | Best Practices

– The Customer Engagement in Mauritius deck gives an overview of what exactly is customer engagement and its importance. This deck also covers the best practices and suggests 9 tools to drive effective engagement from your audience.

Shaping Digital Marketing in Mauritius

As part of our community engagement, we’ve been active in building a platform to bring together digital marketers in Mauritius. The aim is to use this platform to influence decision-makers, subject leaders and other stakeholders into recognising the importance of digital marketing. This deck will take you through the thinking process behind the Digital Marketing Mauritius community.

3 Essential Ingredients For Your Digital Success

If you want to create the best digital marketing strategies, you’ll need to have all the required ingredients. This deck is your open receipt book towards achieving successful digital strategies for your brand.

Social Media for B2B brands

If you are a B2B brand, how do you increase your reach to your target audience using social media? The Social Media for B2B guide will give you essential approaches to keep in mind while creating your social media strategies.