Digital Marketing Ebooks

Coffee and a good read

What if you could find the latest digital marketing learning resources in one place? And, above all, adapted to the Mauritian reality? Enjoy the read

Digital Trends for Mauritius

5 Digital Trends that shaped the business landscape of Mauritius in 2017 and the challenges that need to be addressed. Read more

30 Copywriting Tips

Download this free guide with 30 copywriting tips which are SEO friendly. Ideal read to learn how to rank. Read more

Digital Marketing 101

Get this beginners guide to digital marketing. In there, you’ll learn about the basics from social media marketing to search marketing. Read more

Digital Marketing Glossary

Get our compiled digital marketing glossary with over 500 terms used in the industry. Read more

Ingredients to digital success

You should definitely consider these essential digital marketing strategies for your next big digital projects. Read more

Customer Engagement

Ever wonder how the best organisations are engaging with their customers? Get this ebook to learn more. Read more

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You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.

Dr Seuss